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A Little More Divine Intervention, A Little Less Debauchery Please

Close your eyes, clear your heart, cut the cord

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A New High In Lows
Absolutely nothing
80's, abstraction, adult swim, aesthetics, agnosticism, alcohol, alice in wonderland, american history x, american mcgee's alice, andy warhol, animal rights, anti-drama, anti-ignorance, anti-metal, art, artistc expression, asphyxiation, ass cleavage, bar hopping, battle toads, bettie page, bizarre, body modification, boondock saints, burlesque, carl jung, celebrity skin, church of euthanasia, cinematography, clubbing, coldplay, culture club, david bowie, design, deviants, disillusionment, distortion, dita von teese, doll parts, downtown, drag queens, drawing, dreamers, drinking, emo, erotica, erotophilia, existentialism, eye candy, eyeliner, fairies, family guy, fetish photography, fetishes, food network, free drinks, glenn danzig, glitter, green, gutter punks, h.r. giger, hard candy, henry rollins, hieronymous bosch, hitler, homos, homosexual males, ifc, image manipulation, independent films, individuality, industrial, jean-michel basquiat, jolly ranchers, josh homme, joy division, juxtapox, lee higgs, lichtenstein, lillies, liquid latex, m.c. escher, mannequins, marilyn monroe, marionettes, martinis, masturbation, maynard james keenan, michael alig, midget tossing, midgets, modest mouse, nietzsche, nine inch nails, nostalgia, pac man, painting, parody, photography, piercing, pinup girls, platinum, politically correct, politically incorrect, pop culture, pop rocks, pornography, powerpuff girls, pro-choice, propaganda, prosthetics, psychoanalysis, psychology, punk rock, purple, purple and green, radiant decay, revolutionaries, salvador dali, sarcasm, self-respect, serial killers, seth putnam, sex and the city, sid vicious, sigmund freud, silver, skin two, snuff, soho, space invaders, stars, suicidegirls.com, super mario brothers 3, surrealism, sushi, symoblism, synth pop, tattoos, the pixies, the velvet underground, tool, transexuals, transvestites, trent reznor, tube tops, type o negative, urban decay, vinyl, wolfsheim

Social capital

  • less than 10